WHY?: Why consider a Pre-Fabricated Commercial Steel Building?

Well, we have a great answer for you: Maximum Savings.

The infrastructure of Prefab Steel Buildings has vastly matured over the past few centuries (the first iron frame building was developed in 1796!) with the evolution of technology, construction, and design-build techniques, new-age Steel Buildings are extremely diverse in their usage and functionality, all-the-while being tremendously durable, and ever-more cost effective in their build efficiency.

With Weismore Construction on your side, we’ll do all the heavy lifting (literally and figuratively), from mediating supply and manufacturing, overseeing development of the connection calculations, to fully detailing all approval, permit, construction, and shop drawings; our turnkey development process ensures your future Prefab Steel Buildings Central Florida is manufactured and erected to your exact specifications.

Affordable Upfront Costs

When considering the type of building to construct, careful consideration should be given to commercial building costs. Prefab Commercial Steel Buildings are much less expensive than constructing a structure out of a brick or wood frame- did we mention 15%-30% lower cost for materials, alone? Combined with the established exponential cost savings on materials for construction, prefab steel installation time can be reduced by months – which translates to another 25%-50% cost savings on labor– when comparing steel frame building construction to brick or wood structures.

As a business owner, or executive overseer, you know: time is money, and the production convenience, time savings per manufacturing, and the overall installation cost reduction associated with erecting a Prefab Commercial Steel Building for your business can be substantial to your bottom line.


Steel Frame Buildings have a proven longevity; they can withstand such natural disasters as earthquakes, hurricanes and fires (the 1796 iron frame building we told you about, it was built due to frequent fires to the surrounding cotton mills). Also, unlike wood, steel is resistant to rot, mold, or shrinkage, and likewise not susceptible to pesky insects like ants or termites. And because steel is manufactured, the material contains no knots, splits or other defects- all factors of which will save you big bucks in the long-term, virtually eliminating intermittent building maintenance costs, lowering insurance costs, and providing a hassle-free framework conducive for renovation or additions (equally as inexpensive) to accommodate future plans for your expanding business.

Our trifecta of expert oversight, quality manufacturers, and efficient installers, coupled with your [right!] decision to build the most cost effective, low-maintenance, durable building type in production today can –and will– place you (and your bottom line) on an accelerated path to success. Let’s get to work!

So, WHY?: Why spend unnecessary time and money building (literally) your business, when you can be running your business?