Prefab Barns

Prefabricated Metal Barns

Prefab barns or prefabricated barnsprefab barnsprefab barns are types of prefabricated metal buildings. Metal barns are massive covered areas that involve large roof spans supported by post frames. Although the term barn is used in a specific sense to depict farm buildings used for grain storage or livestock sheltering, it can also be used as a generic term to mean large structures that can be used as garages for heavy vehicles, work sheds, or even large living spaces uninterrupted by interior walls.



Basic Structure And Construction Of Prefab Barns

Prefab barns employ a red iron beam prefab barns
frame type of construction and are therefore also known as pole barns. In post frame constructions, the posts act as structural members and carry the weight of the roof and walls. They also unify the entire structure into a monolithic whole, and help protect it against forces of nature. Since the posts, and not the walls, carry the building load, there is greater flexibility of design because the walls can be freely aligned according to the purpose of the building. This type of structure also allows for the use of a wide range of exterior cladding materials such as plywood, vinyl, or treated metal.

The posts or structural elements of prefab barnsprefab barns
prefab barns are made of steel. They are manufactured off-site following exact specifications available from the blueprints for a particular project. They are then shipped to the site of construction and assembled. These do-it-yourself (DIY) structures or prefab barn kits, as they are called, are accompanied by easy to understand directions or manuals that make it possible for even unskilled people to erect one of these structures within a short period of time. In fact, Weismore Construction offers a basic prefab unit ranging in size from 876sq.ft. to over 2500sq.ft. that can be erected in as little as a week’s time.


Advantages Of Metal Barn Kits And Horse Barn Kits

Choosing metal barn kits or horse barn kits can offer a wide range of advantages over traditionally constructed structures, the most notable being:

  • Cost savings: Since the main prefab barnsprefab barnsprefab barnscomponents of  metal barn kits are manufactured off-site and then shipped to the actual site of construction, this type of structure works out as a cheaper alternative to traditional construction.
  • Time savings: The components for metal barn kits or horse barn kits are prefabricated according to the specifications of a client. Therefore, the site work involves only the assembling of the prefabricated units according to blueprints, and therefore requires much less time than traditional construction.
  • Flexibility of design: Since the actual structural units in metal barn kits, horse barn kits or pole barns kits are the red iron beams and not exterior walls, the walls can be placed in a number of ways according to the purpose of the building. For example, a barn meant to be used as a storage facility can have uniform cladding all around, whereas one meant to be used for open-plan living or metal barns with living quarters can have provisions for fenestration. Fenestration, refers to the design and/or disposition of openings in a building or wall envelope. Fenestration products typically include: windows, doors, louvers, vents, wall panels, skylights, storefronts, curtain walls, and slope glazed systems.Placing of these openings such as doors and windows along the exterior surface of the building will not weaken it structurally because the exterior cladding does not function as a load-bearing element. Moreover, since the units for a prefab structure are modular in nature, adding on to an existing structure is extremely easy as it simply implies adding a unit or module to a pre-existing building.

prefab barns

  • Environmental sustainability: Prefab barns are part on an increasingly popular trend in the building industry called environmentally sustainable construction. Since prefab unit manufacturers often use environmentally sustainable materials for manufacturing the prefab units such as recycled shipping containers, or recycled steel the ecological footprint for prefab construction is much lower than traditional construction. Moreover, since prefab units involve very little waste, and the components are often recyclable, prefab construction is an environmentally sound choice.


Additional Advantages Of Steel Prefab Units

In addition to the standard advantages offered by prefab construction over traditional construction, prefab construction employing steel as the primary raw material offers certain extra advantages, which can be enumerated as follows:

  • Strength: Steel units, prefab barns prefab barnsprefab barnsbeing stronger than standard wooden components, require less number of parts or pieces for the same design of a building, and this in turn, makes steel prefab units even cheaper than their counterparts.
  • Durability against internal decay: Steel does not suffer any of the internal decaying processes suffered by wood such as warping or rotting, and thus ensures longevity of a structure.
  • Durability against external agents: Steel, as a material, can also effectively withstand attacks from external agents such as termites, thereby making it a durable and hygienic choice as a raw material for prefab components.
  • Resistance to fire: Since steel prefab units have a high degree of fire resistance, they are safer than similar wooden structures, and also involve lower building and fire insurance premiums.


Metal Barn Kits

Thus prefab barns and metal barn kits are versatile, durable, and cost-effective options for modern living and storage that incorporate the best practices in the construction industry and may well become the buildings of the future.


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