Without a doubt, Steel Frame Buildings – dollar for dollar– are a better investment now, and for the future; and making smart, investment decisions for the future of your home by adding long-term, cost-effective value with little upfront cost is also without a doubt super smart solution for your residential garage metal buildings.

And when it comes to RV Storage, Steel Garage Kits, Metal Carports and Home Workspaces, Weismore Construction’s team of Metal Building experts retain a combined 50 years’ experience in estimating, customizing, and erecting Steel Building Kits for your home. We are your reliable supply and erect specialists of custom residential steel structures; whether you are envisioning a large enclosure to house your multiple cars, or off-season RV’s, or looking to install a small storage ad-on to secure equipment and tools, no project is too big or too small. Weismore Construction will do what we do best- serve you and meet your every need- seamlessly and reliably.


Monthly cost savings associated with purchasing and installing a steel building storage structure are vast and extremely advantageous for home owners specifically. Whether you’d like to accommodate for additional storage, much needed garage space, or a desired work station for your home, steel buildings foster the lowest cost per square foot to purchase and erect when compared to wood or brick frame structures. From space saving, to money back in your pocket, investing in a steel storage building will tastefully house your overflow and save hundreds of dollars a month in costly storage and/or parking fees, allowing you to cancel your off-site storage unit, or move your RV on your own property.

Equally, steel buildings are less expensive to insure, harbor low maintenance costs, and foster unbelievable energy efficiencies, leading to substantial rate breaks across your home-living board. Due to their superior durability, and resistance to inclement weather, fire, and hazardous insects, insurance coverage costs are likely to be 40% lower on month to month premiums; and with rotting, mold, and shrinkage all non-issues when erecting a steel frame building, feel free to spend your allotted ‘maintenance budget’ on something else.

When taking advantage of cutting these costs, your steel building will pay for itself- We Guarantee It!


We know when thinking ‘prefabricated,’ your first thought isn’t ‘customization,’ but with steel structures, design flexibility is a major selling point. Surprisingly, venerated manufacturers such as our good friends at Nucor have optimized superior steel building designs and techniques so that you have the freedom to choose from a variety of traditional finishes, to maintain or achieve any look you desire; from stucco, brick, or wood siding, Weismore Construction’s esteemed team of Project Managers will knowledgably present you every option available, or precisely match any exterior material to your existing home.

Along with looking amazing (without the maintenance to maintain it! Yeah!), when erecting a steel building, you are afforded the exclusive opportunity to fully customize the interior of your new space to the exact specifications and utilization you need or want- uniquely tailored and perfectly fit for your property. Our Metal Building experts will ensure you are afforded the most efficient and cost-effective installation services for whatever usage features you’d like for your steel frame building. Whether desiring drainage capabilities, electrical connectivity, and/or HVAC ventilation, our experienced team will offer every available option to fit your unique budget and preferences- and we’ll install it impeccably too!

Your new steel addition will look like it was a part of your home’s original plans, and it will increase desirable long-term build value for your home at very little upfront cost (Win! Win!).


Steel Buildings offer the best protection against natural elements; proven to withstand hurricane force winds, torrential rain storms, and even blizzards, and as a result, are associated with 40% lower home insurance rates due to their superior strength and resistance to such hazards. Also, unlike wood, steel is resistant to rot, mold, or shrinkage, and likewise not susceptible to pesky insects like ants or termites. And because steel is manufactured, the material contains no knots, splits or other defects that could cause structural malfunctions.

Atop safety, steel storage structures are very secure; made with welded, prefabricated galvanized steel, the structures are flame retardant, allowing for the secure, locked storage of flammable materials (and some are even made bullet-proof!). They can also be easily climate controlled to accommodate for regional areas of high heat, or areas of subzero temperatures. Via insulating your steel storage building correctly, not only will you have a structure to house your valuables, but a structure that will properly maintain them.