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Prefabricated Metal Barns

Metal barns are massive covered areas that involve large roof spans supported by post frames.

Although the term barn is used in a specific sense to depict farm buildings used for grain storage or livestock sheltering, it can also be used as a generic term to mean large structures that can be used as garages for heavy vehicles, work sheds, or even large living spaces uninterrupted by interior walls.

Prefab barns employ a red iron beam frame type of construction and are therefore also known as pole barns. In post frame constructions, the posts act as structural members and carry the weight of the roof and walls. They also unify the entire structure into a monolithic whole, and help protect it against forces of nature. Since the posts, and not the walls, carry the building load, there is greater flexibility of design because the walls can be freely aligned according to the purpose of the building. This type of structure also allows for the use of a wide range of exterior cladding materials such as plywood, vinyl, or treated metal. The posts or structural elements of prefab barns are made of steel.

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